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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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station. thathat is 45 year -- that is 45-year-old charles hill, he was shot at civic center station last sunday by a bart police officer and that resulted in this protest that we have had going on this afternoon. we spoke earlier to a spokesperson for bart and one of the protester. they talk about what led to the station closure. >> people decided they were going to put people's lives at risk and we had to make a decision to shut down the station to protect our passengers. for what? >> it was peaceful. people were marching around saying no justice, no peace and things got heated when a bart train stopped and people were trying to push their way in. >> reporter: here you can see pictures of the passengers, the bart customers leaving the station after the station was shut down at 5:15. live now, you can see the
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yellow tape that was strung out to prevent people from coming down. it has been shut down, forcing commuters to make other plans, trying to find their way home. that's the direction where some of the protesters went to continue the protest. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. if you are just joining us, we have been bringing updates since the beginning of ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. a protester on the platform at the civic center station tried to climb on top of the train. you can see protesters helping him up there and bart police officers pulling him down. >> here is a look from an hour ago, to give you a perspective, you can see an organizer trying
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to rally the protesters before the train rolled in. the demonstration started in a orderly fashion with protesters marching and chanting but that was before the shoving match breck out drawing in protesters and bart authorities and the media and commuters who were trying trying to get out of there. that was the last train that stopped before bart officials ordered everyone out and shut it down and now the station is completely shut down. it has a muni platform and a bart platform. we showed you the live pictures. no one is being allowed into the civic center station. at 5:00, david stevenson was talking about how the commuters were upset. we will stay on this throughout the show and the evening and you can see what is going on on and we will have
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complete coverage tonight at 10:00. look at something else happening today. was supposed to be a summer sleep over with friends but now one girl is dead. it has devastated her neighborhood. ktvu's john sasaki has been talking with investigators today who say they found evidence the girls were experimenting with alcohol. john? >> reporter: here at the sheriff's office, investigators believe they know what caused a girl to die. alcohol was like 3 blame. a tragic death that taught her friends a terrible lesson. daniel misses her best friend takeimi rao. >> have fun, stuff, be safe about it, of course, but just like -- we never know what will happen. >> harsh reality to learn. she learned it after hearing
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takeimi rao died at her house. daniel was increted but couldn't go. three other girls did and all got sick after consumer alcohol and soda. takeimi rao never woke up. >> there is poisoning, other things that could occur. we are looking at all of that. >> investigators found a vodka bottle in the house but don't know where it came from. the test results should determine takeimi rao's cause of death. this incident hit her mother hard as well. >> that's, i think, what the scariest thing is, wake up, you know, this is not just about drunk driving anymore, this is, you know, this can be deadly. >> don't do stupid things just to have fun, just have fun the normal way or you get in trouble and bad stuff happens. >> reporter: investigators say it's possible takeimi rao's parents could face criminal
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charges but it looks unlikely because it looks like a tragic accident. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> coast guard crews pran to fly again searching for 7 missing fisherman. a search today came up empty. sighting a government official, the times reported a team of navy divers was supposed to search the fishing boat, that boat is now submerged 223 feet underwater. the navy disputed the reports today. 43 people were on board when it capsized. students held a bake sale this morning to help a teacher whose father and uncle are among the missing men. she was supposed to teach a summer school class but stayed out because of the accident. according to a post on facebook set up for the search, search, the bake sale was a huge
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secses. >> -- success. we want to go back to san francisco, more on the developing situation that civic center bart station. ken wayne is on the phone now. >> i am down at the powell street station, the civic center station for bart is shut down. trains are just passing through, it's been cleared out by police and there are big delays going through the city. we got on a train with a group of 30-40 protesters at the civic center station and headed towards the powell street station. what the protesters were doing is blocking the doors so the trains couldn't move. they would keep the trains parked for about 25 minutes till eventually the trains started moving and they carried the protest on the trains trains trains and back track. they shut the trains down at 16 16th and mission and police
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showed up in riot gear and that's when the doors were closed. we are at powell street because the train wouldn't stop at civic center. the platform was empty except for police and bart workers. here at powell street we got san francisco police unit on the sidewalk standing by with riot helmets and batons and we have a bomb squad here and unhappy bart passengers who can't get on trains because there are so many delays and passengers are backed up, they don't want too big of a crowd so they are keeping people outside of the platform till the conjustture clears out. >> ken, can you tell, estimate about how many protesters are out there right now? >> reporter: initially at the civic center station, which is where the protest began, there were maybe 100 or more, maybe
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more than that and then when they gave the signal to board trains we got on the first train with 30-40 protesters and we pretty much stayed with that group, pretty active group. they did a lot of work of keeping the doors open so the trains couldn't move. they were effective in carrying out the protest. >> this was going on during rush hour, and david stevenson was talking to commuters and they were upset. were some passengers, were they upset or supportive? >> reporter: there is a mix. some people are supportive of what they are doing but there are some people who are very upset. we had one gentleman sitting in his seat screaming at the protesters saying he just wanted to get home, he was tired of this and just wanted
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to go home. and there there was a scuffle at 16th and mission from one person who was trying to get on the train and wanted the train to get moving and it got physical, somebody fell to the floor, we will show that at 10:00, there was frayed nerves out here. >> all right. we will continue to monitor what is happening, ken wayne on the phone. thank you. >> a second shooting long the delta trail in pittsburg in less than a week. police say it was an accident. neighbors are saying this shooting is a growing problem with violence there. >> reporter: last night's shooting happened 100 yards that way. you may remember last week i was out here on another shooting, that shooting a block
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in that direction on the trail. neighbors said the trail draw as dangerous element into the area. >> reporter: police spent the day gathering evidence. investigators say the 14-year- old victim was talking long the trail, drinking with friends who were firing a stolen hand gun randomly. >> somehow in the process of doing that our victim was shot. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. he is expected to survive. witnesses watched it unfold a few feet from their door steps. >> i heard a shot on the trail and then i saw police going down the street, zoom, zoom. the trail is a nuisance, drawing drug users and thieves. >> i am ready to move out of here. this is ridiculous for stuff to go on in this neighborhood. the latest shooting comes less
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than a week a gunman shot someone. the shootings are unrelated but they will be making a show of force. >> what we need to do and what we are doing is working with pittsburg police and increasing our patrols in the area in an attempt to stop this. >> reporter: investigators say they will refer this investigation to prosecutors. they have strong leads the shooting death -- on the shooting death here last week. the first hearing in a lawsuit filed against governor schwarzenegger. one of his last acts was to commute the murder sentence of the son of fabian nunez. esteban nunez pleaded guilty to manslaughter in may 2008 for the stabbing death of a man. today fabian nunez criticized
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the case for being too politicized. that outraged the family who said fabian nunez politicized the case. >> i am so sad when i think about how he died and now i feel like he was stabbed in the back by politicians. >> two other men pleaded guilty to lesser charges in the killing and have been released. made in china and soon they will benefit thousands of commuters in the bay area. rob roth has a look at the outsourcing job. >> reporter: the new bridge pieces are each half the size of a football field. they will be used as roadway decks, they go where the eastern section now ends. >> reporter: in a huge factory in china today, east and west were making toast, workers put
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the final touches on the eastern span. this will be the last shipment manufactured in china. >> this closes out for china. shifts the focus entirely here to san francisco bay and marks really -- entering the home stretch. >> reporter: the first sections weigh 5,000 tons and are expected in three weeks. americans are constructing the bridges the decks and the tower are made in china. the outsourcing saved taxpayers $400 million. >> one of the great advantages the china firm had over any competitors is the size of their facility to get the work done quickly. >> reporter: it has drawn
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criticism. they earn $12 a day according to the new york times. >> any jobs that can be given to the local area i am allfore. >> residents say if you can build sections more cheaply why not. >> i think it's -- economy plays its role and wherever it is cheaper people will go for that. >> 75% of all of the steel fab ruicated right here in the united states. >> the new bridge is on schedule but completion is still two years ago. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. we have more information on the work wrapping up in china on you can also see a slide show of the pieces being completed. click on the bay bridge tab on the home page. they don't hit stores till tomorrow but we found a copy of
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jaycee dugard's memoirs. temperatures dropping off, 60s right now, fog, cooler weather in the forecast, i will get specific coming up. 50 star. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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. two years after redeased from captivity u.s. is u.s. is is -- jaycee dugard is speaking out publicly for the first time. what she is saying about her ordeal. >> reporter: it's called a stolen life. it chronicles the kidnapping kidnapping and the horrors she faced. we got reaction from people who say they look forward to the book and others who don't know if they can stomach it. >> reporter: jaycee dugard describes how she was snatched. >> my name is jaycee dugard.
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i was kidnapped at age 11. and i want phillip garrido to know i don't have to keep his secret. >> reporter: she explains how phillip garrido raped her and delivered her two children in a hidden backyard compound near antioch. >> why not look at it? stair it down until it can't scare you anymore. >> reporter: she homes her book will inspire other victims. but for parents, they are not sure if they will crack open the book. >> too hard, too painful. every day without her is a struggle. >> reporter: in 1989 their daughter was 19 when she vanished. >> it's been rehashed so many times i am not interested. >> some people thought the book
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seemed to sensational but others were curious. >> if she wrote the book herself. >> they say her story gives them hope their daughter is still alive. >> it's those kinds of things that keep us knowing and the fact we can't give up on her. >> reporter: book stores have been given orders not to place it on shelves till tomorrow. ktvu channel 2 news. a big change from last week when we had high foyer dangers. this week cooler because of this fog that is pushing across the bay area. fog towards hayward, oakland, 680 corridor, a chilly one tomorrow morning. temperatures in most areas in the low 50s. tonight drizzle possible with the fog. maybe in the morning drizzle as well. that would be the great highway
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in san francisco, long highway 1. potential for the drizzle. here is the set up. the low pressure center that brought us so much rain in the winter, and now it's just sitting there. it continues to pump cool air into the bay area in the form of fog, moisture. cooler this week because of this low, and because of this low fire danger is way down. good news for firefighters. look at the fog. that low spinning all nat moisture, pushing it up into the delta. you wouldn't get that without that low sitting there. so tomorrow morning when you wake up, there is fog in your neighborhood. drizzle long the coast and tomorrow a repeat of today. except temperatures tomorrow coming down a couple more degrees. 50s in san francisco. oakland hills low 60s.
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walnut creak upper 60s. and beyond mount diablo, upper 70s, low 80. definitely a cooler day tomorrow. these are the forecast highes. numbers are down. way down from last week. as much as 20 degrees. five-day forecast brings more clouds in. all week. it starts to pop up the temperature. sunday warms up. cool week. hopefully fire danger is way down. >> thank you. detailed plans released for thearchy's cup race, the environmental impact report about how the sitsy plans to deal with the crowds and the super yachts. when you retire.
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. we are getting a look at the plans for the america's cup race in san francisco. officials released their first draft of a environmental impact report. 1444 pages in all. they went over the description of the project to evaluate how it would effect the environmental and what alternatives might be better.
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a public comment process started today. they will determine how best to move forward. >> mark is here with sports, talking the all-star game, major league baseball and a lot of giants. >> the bay area will be well represented. five san francisco giants to represent in the all-star game about this time tomorrow, right here on channel 2 and brian wilson representing san francisco, 26 saves so far. 4 blown saves and a little shaky pitching as of late. giants in first place and the giants closer, he is ready to go in whatever capacity his manager wants him to go. >> be, um, awesome. i pitched the 8th twice. if i get a chance, great. but i am just on a new team right now. the only objective is to win no matter how, so when playoff
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times come we can have home field advantage. >> looking like joaquin phoenix. mean time, a playoff in the women's u.s. open golf championship. colorado springs, colorado the place. a three hole play off featuring two koreans. beautiful approach shot at 17 and sets her up for a birdie. just to make sure she birdies on the final hole to clinch it. there is your winner. and the champagne bath to go with it. all-star game tomorrow at 5:00 right here on ktvu channel 2 news. that's the sporting life for right now. >> thank you. you saw it live on ktvu channel 2 news a big protest on
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the bart platform, angering commuters. we are staying on it from that protester trying to climb on top of a train to the deadly shooting that sparked the protest, all coming up at 7:00 on tv 36 and we will update you on the web and have complete coverage on the 10:00 news. stay with ktvu channel 2 news for the developing story. thanks for joining us everyone.
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